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Discussion forums open!

Given the recent popularity of a few recent tutorials and the feedback / questions – I’ve opened up a simple forum so that people can discuss these tutorials and posts properly (instead of using comments). You can find the link for the discussion forums up at the top of the page or in the side bar.

Feel free to post comments in here as any future tutorials will not have commenting switched on – mainly to cure my OCD about posting tidyness!

iTunes could not copy … file could not be converted.

I just thought I’d write a very quick post on the above message which some of you may have seen when syncing your iPhone / iPad with iTunes.  Now ordinarily this may be a self explanatory message, however it’s ‘self explanatory-ness’ may very well depend on the file it’s talking about.  So for the past month or so, I’d been getting this message when syncing with iTunes…

iTunes could not copy “Phone Calls” to the iPhone <insert phone name> because the file could not be converted.

Immediately over thinking the issue, I assumed this was something to do with the register of phone calls made / received and went looking for a resolution.  I didn’t find one.  Finally today (after installing iOS5) it occurred to me what’s going on.

The file it’s talking about is an MP3 from an album I have.  The file is corrupt and therefore cannot be converted to the 128 kbps AAC format that I have selected in the Summary screen for my phone.  It just so happened that the filename looked like it could be related to the system somehow.  Duh!

Technology 1   –   Simon 0

Upgrading 24″ iMac with SSD and memory

Following a series of annoying ‘happenings’, late last week I decided in my wisdom that I was going to upgrade my 24″ iMac to unleash a new lease of life. After some digging around and faffing with serial numbers (and eventually digging out the original packaging) I managed to identify my mac as being a 2.8Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo (24″ – 800 Mhz) (early 2008) model, or an iMac 8,1.

Next I went onto the web to check out who’d been doing what – and discovered various posts of people upgrading their iMacs. I couldn’t find anyone who’d done specifically what I was after. Finally I decided to go with the maximum memory my iMac would allow and a chunky 240Gb SSD drive. Here’s what I eventually went for (and the locations where I bought them)…

It’s worth mentioning that Crucial have a tool which you can run on your Mac just to check what exactly is required for your specific machine.  Give it a run to be sure you’re buying the right thing.  So I ordered late last week (memory on Thursday and the drive on Friday) and both luckily turned up on the Saturday – sweeeeeeet.  I got to work…

Continue reading

Supporting orientation changes the easy way!

A couple of days ago I wrote a quick tutorial on how to support multiple orientations in an iPhone app without any stress. Then the more astute of you will have noticed it disappeared. Well, I decided to make my Layout Manager a little more friendly and easy to use. Down at the bottom of this post you’ll find a project with a couple of demo views and the manager itself. It’s very easy to follow. Here’s the back story…

Until recently I’ve only bothered supporting portrait orientation in my iPhone apps. I suspect this was largely driven by a lack of need to support anything else, and partially an inherent laziness which always seems to prevail over my work. Anyway, turns out that sometimes I DO need to support different orientations so I went to work looking for a clean way to do it and arrived at the following solutions….

  1. Create two view controllers and swap them out with a navigation controller.
  2. Programmatically move stuff when the orientation changes.
  3. Run around panicking about the fact you can’t support orientation changes.

In all my searching, I didn’t find an easy way to do it, so I went for option 2 and set about making a nice clean way to get it all to just ‘happen’ without too much effort. Eventually I arrived at the solution that this blog post is all about. Here’s what I did… Continue reading

Error… wait_fences: failed to receive reply

So right back into the mix after the chaos of Christmas and I’ve come to make version 1.1 of my most recent project.  I started out finding a bug which I hadn’t noticed before (or which hadn’t been vocalised until today) which basically spewed out the error (in the title of this article)

It didn’t stop the app from running normally and the issue was fairly easy to track down, though I thought I’d post the solution just in case you didn’t find it anywhere else.  Yes… I’m talking to YOU!

Okay so here’s where I went wrong.  In my app delegate I instantiate a class to set up my default data for the app.  The content of this really isn’t important.  However, if there’s an issue with that set up – I had the class show a UIAlertView message and this is what was causing the issue.  In the ‘didFinishLaunching’ method of the app delegate where I was calling my class, the view wasn’t yet available.  So when the alert came up, it was just before the view was drawn.  This is what all the fuss was about.

I decided to fix it by returning a BOOL value from the data set up and then after the window was drawn, using the value to display (or not) the warning.  All very straight foward.  Not really sure whether it would have caused an issue in a production app – but good to know anyway.   Other people online reported similar things, but most related to the order in which things took place.

Happy Christmas!

I thought I’d get in there early and wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!  Hope santa brings you all what you want (iPhone / iPod / iPad etc… lol) and expect to see you all here bright and early at the start of next year!

In 2011 I’m going to post some more tutorials (hopefully game related) and other bits and pieces which will give the programming enthusiast a little nudge in the (hopefully) right direction. See you then!

Until then – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Common iPhone sizes, dimensions and other stuff

Measuring the iPhoneLAST UPDATED: 26th Jan, 2011

I can’t count the amount of time I’ve gone fishing around for dimensions and stuff while I’ve been writing code.  Then usually, this distraction leads me to another distraction and before I know it, I’m playing Black Ops online.  This (lack of) productivity won’t stand, man!   So here for your convenience is a collection of measurements and stuff for the iPhone. I’ve included the high res versions of the measurements too (for the retina display on iPhone 4) Continue reading

iPhone & Mac – the Marmite of electronics

Marmite - you love it or hate itIs it just me, or do iPhone users around the world find themselves in an inevitable argument about iPhone versus ANY other smartphone? Or Mac users find themselves under fire from PC users? It seems that Apple products are the Marmite of the computing world.

It always starts the same with a general discussion about technology. Then I drop in that I love my phone (or Mac) which always prompts the question “what’s so good about it?”. This is where the problems start because as everyone knows, there is no right answer! Of course, that doesn’t stop me listing all the things which I love about Mac or iPhone – nor does it seem to stop the other person listing the (usually few but repetative) things they hate. But where does it stop? A friend of mine brandished me an ‘iPhone evangelist’ on Facebook the other day because I counter-posted against someone who was slating the product. I did manage to see a certain irony behind that however. The more I speak about the products I love, the more people want to crush that belief. Does this make them anti-iphone evangelists?

The day that other manufacturers start making products which I find as intuitive and beautiful – I’ll perhaps give in and buy something else. But while the world of electronics follows in the wake of the inventive trail being set ablaze by Apple…. I think I’ll stay right where I am and be proud to speak up ‘as and when’ the need arises. In your face, rival products!

Welcome back to MaybeLost!

First of all, an apology for the disappearance of the site.  I was blogging the progress of my studies in iPhone programming but I ended up getting way too busy to do both.  Anyway, I decided to open up the site again and start posting stuff for other developers out there who may have got stuck on the same stuff – share the wealth and all that.

So in coming months, I’ll be working on a number of projects and posting any classes or snippets which may be useful.  As always – don’t shoot me if it’s wrong (and it probably will be) – but feel free to leave comments and suggestions.  Of course, you can use any of our classes or examples for free but perhaps you’ll give us a little nod in your applications by way of a thank you.

See you soon,