iTunes could not copy … file could not be converted.

I just thought I’d write a very quick post on the above message which some of you may have seen when syncing your iPhone / iPad with iTunes.  Now ordinarily this may be a self explanatory message, however it’s ‘self explanatory-ness’ may very well depend on the file it’s talking about.  So for the past month or so, I’d been getting this message when syncing with iTunes…

iTunes could not copy “Phone Calls” to the iPhone <insert phone name> because the file could not be converted.

Immediately over thinking the issue, I assumed this was something to do with the register of phone calls made / received and went looking for a resolution.  I didn’t find one.  Finally today (after installing iOS5) it occurred to me what’s going on.

The file it’s talking about is an MP3 from an album I have.  The file is corrupt and therefore cannot be converted to the 128 kbps AAC format that I have selected in the Summary screen for my phone.  It just so happened that the filename looked like it could be related to the system somehow.  Duh!

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