Regex Checker (regular expression test utility)

It’s been a while… hell, looking now it’s been over a year since I posted something.  Very sorry about that… busy times!  Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of C# development recently and may start posting some tutorials for that soon.  In the meantime I needed a regular expression testing utility and although there were a few out there, I just needed something really quick and easy which would store my regex attempts.  So I wrote one and am making it available for general use (but NOT resale) here.

** This application is tiny, but does require .NET 4 framework to run! **

Simply DOWNLOAD THE MSI or alternatively DOWNLOAD THE ZIPPED EXE.  Installing the MSI will put an icon on your desktop.  Just run the application.  It should look something like this…

You simply enter your Regex in the top line, and your test string in the bottom.  If your test string validates against your expression, the box will stay white.  Otherwise it’ll go orange as shown above.  Simple enough.

Alongside that, you can save and load your expressions (and test strings) to a library stored in your user profile directory….

And finally there is a Regex cheat sheet which you can use to look up some of the codes etc.  This cheat sheet was largely derived from the works of this PDF version from and has been replicated here in text format only.

Hope someone finds this useful!  Here are the download links again….

That’s all folks!  Until next time.

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