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iPhone & Mac – the Marmite of electronics

Marmite - you love it or hate itIs it just me, or do iPhone users around the world find themselves in an inevitable argument about iPhone versus ANY other smartphone? Or Mac users find themselves under fire from PC users? It seems that Apple products are the Marmite of the computing world.

It always starts the same with a general discussion about technology. Then I drop in that I love my phone (or Mac) which always prompts the question “what’s so good about it?”. This is where the problems start because as everyone knows, there is no right answer! Of course, that doesn’t stop me listing all the things which I love about Mac or iPhone – nor does it seem to stop the other person listing the (usually few but repetative) things they hate. But where does it stop? A friend of mine brandished me an ‘iPhone evangelist’ on Facebook the other day because I counter-posted against someone who was slating the product. I did manage to see a certain irony behind that however. The more I speak about the products I love, the more people want to crush that belief. Does this make them anti-iphone evangelists?

The day that other manufacturers start making products which I find as intuitive and beautiful – I’ll perhaps give in and buy something else. But while the world of electronics follows in the wake of the inventive trail being set ablaze by Apple…. I think I’ll stay right where I am and be proud to speak up ‘as and when’ the need arises. In your face, rival products!