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Audio device switcher for Windows (Dr. Sound)

Just wanted to post a really quick one about audio switching in Windows.  If you’re an avid gamer or you’ve got a million devices connected to your machine, the attached tool will make life a little easier.screenshot

It’s a tiny tool, written in .NET 4 (so you’ll need that installed to use it!) that allows you to switch the default input and output device on your PC from the system tray with one easy click.  It’s fast, effective and will save you the ball-ache of having to go into the Playback Device panel just to switch devices.  I’ve lovingly called the tool Dr. Sound.

You can download the compiled binary here —> DrSound

Remember, it requires .NET 4 to run but should run perfectly well in Windows 7 and above.  The code is partly my own, but uses CoreAudioApi by Ray Molenkamp.  Without this Api, this would have been a horrific task.